PC Remote Controller Help/FAQ

This app is primarly used to control your PC (with installed server side of PC R.C.) over your device's wifi connection. Using your Android device touch screen you can get and control in realtime your desktop screen, control mouse and keyboard input etc..


Q: Will this app work on my Android / PC?
A: It will work on any device with Android ver.1.6. or higer (most of Android devices). Server side PC app will work on any Windows (Win7,Vista,XP) with installed .NET Framework.

Q: Does this app work over gprs/edge/umts and similar phone data connections?
A: This app is primarly designed for wifi connection. However it supports connecting through any available connection to any IP on Internet on LAN. Keep in mind that this is intense bandwith consuming application and requires at least 1Mbs connection to server.


Q: What does this button do?

Few tips how to use PC Remote Controller app:

  1. Start screen:

Available PC to connect to. It is either a manually added or detected via network scan on local WiFi.

Adding PCs. Here you can enter any IP to connect to. (Note: for connecting via 3G, check for your PC's external addres at web, e.g. at: http://www.whatismyip.com/, and adjust firewall properly(with instructions below)

  2. To access inapp menu press Android menu button.

 Programmable/Combo button - When you click this button it will transmit keyboard key or key combination assigned to it. You can long click it to record desired key or key combination.

  3. Mouse Operations:  

Left click / Right Click / Double click - When connected, tap once on image screen to send left click. Tap quickly 2 times for double click. Tap and hold 1sec for right click.

 Mouse dragging - dropping operations - 'Volume Up' key emulates your mouse left button and 'Volume Down' right. Firstly, press one of this buttons and hold it down while performing deisred mouse operation. To end operation (e.g. end dragging icon on desktop and drop it at pointed location) simply release button.


Q: How to activate app? / Registration Info    

Follow these steps:
  1. Go to http://www.silicmobile.com/remote, and on top right corner click 'Buy Now' button.
  2. You're now transfered to PayPal website. Please login and confirm payment.

After payment you're automatically registered as PC Remote Controller user, so proceeed to activate your app.

  3. On your Android phone, start PC Remote Controller
  4. Go to 'Options' menu and select 'Registration'.
  5. Click 'Activate'
  5. Type your PayPal e-mail (used in steps above) and click 'Ok'

Your app now should be successfully activated. Have fun!


Q: I receive "The application failed to initalize..." error when starting PC app
A: Please install .NET Framework 3.5 from http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=21

Q: I don't see my computer in the"Connect To" list, I see only "Add IP.."
A: This means that the network scanner is unable to find any computers with an installed PC Remote Controller Server application. To enable a network scanner, follow this steps:
1. Check whether your desired connection is selected at the "Options" menu and check that it is currently active.
2. Make sure your PC is on and the PC R.C. Server app is installed.
3. If you have a firewall at your PC, make sure it is properly configured (see instructions below) .
You can also click on the option "Add IP" to manually enter an IP address you want to connect to.The app will remember your choice.

*Before connecting you must have server-side app installed on your PC.
Please, on your PC go to following url and click yellow 'Download now' button: http://www.silicmobile.com/remote

Q: I am unable to connect to specific computer / IP address
A: Check answer above.

Q: I successfully connected to IP, but connection breaks after a few seconds
A: You probably have slow connection to server. This app requires at least 1Mbps connection.

Q: How do I setup my firewall to use this app?      
A: To enable this application to work, following tcp and udp ports must be oppened on your firewall as follows:
1. TCP port 33890 and TCP port 33891 (from mobile to your pc)
2. UDP port 33890 (from mobile to your pc)
For most configurations this is enough.You can now try if it works!
If you have outbound rules at your PC, or you have firewall at your Android device, enable this also:
3. UDP port 33891 (from pc to your mobile)

(Note: If you want to quickly disable firewall on WIN7 start you command prompt as administrator and type 
following: "netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off" (without  quot.marks) )

*most users have DSL/Cable connections.To connect from outside Internet you must configure your DSL/Cable modem firewall too.
**If you still have problem connecting device to your computer, please send us message/bug report (see link below) .

Q: How to set up nice 3G (phone data..) connecting, extra info.. NEW
WARNING!!     Using video streaming app on 3G can create big phone bills. Make sure to set password at PC app before using it over 3G.

This is a bit technical, but it will allow you to use your device without need to wait for WiFi to start etc.
Note: This step is primarly here for DSL home users, as info how to set-up 3G connecting.

1. Create account at dyndns.org site ( http://www.dyndns.org/ )

1. Create some random DNS name for your PC :
2. Fill form to create dyndns account:
3. Confirm account at your e-mail.
4. Login back to dyndns.org, and checkout / activate your new PC DNS name. (note: this process is free)

Go to your DSL modem/router web control panel (something like )

1. Set up port forwarding as described in the picture (fill all boxes with data, change petartest.dyndns.tv to YOUR PC DNS NAME!, this is example only!!!):
2. Fill dyndns configuration with all data from account you created in step before:
* You now have unique Internet name for your PC (PC DNS Name). Wow! :)

3. On your android device, create new preset to connect to, with IP address = Your PC DNS Name, as in the picture:

* FIREWALL NOTE: if you have firewall enabled at DSL router, we recommend that you disable it, or configure it as described in firewall config part above.

Contact / Bug Report

Q: How to send Log? 
A: Follow these steps:
1. Click [>>] button in your PC app
2. Check 'Enable Verbose Logging'
3. Connect with your Android device and keep connection for few seconds active
4. Disconnect
5. Click 'Copy Log to Clipboard' button.
You can now go to your e-mail program and paste log in your message.
(Note: Send your logs to to following e-mail:

Q: How to contact authors of this app / send bug report?
A: If you want to send message to authors, or submit bug report for PC Remote Controller, feel free to use following form.


or send e-mail to

Please note: This is video streaming application with intense bandwidth usage. If you use this application over phone data connection you can end up with big phone bills. By using this appllication, you agree that silicmobile.com is NOT RESPONSIBLE for such things and your use of this application in general. You use this application at your own risk!